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Filling In [Apr. 20th, 2008|02:08 pm]
What To Do While You're Waiting...



Title: Filling In

Author: Kate, k4writer02

Recipient: Joe, thatdudejoe

Summary/Prompt used: While Coach and Henry Saracen are away, Matt fills in. In the days leading up to Julie’s Sweet 16, Matt thinks about their relationship, life in Dillon, and what could happen when his father comes home. An indirect take on Julie’s sweet 16 and Matt’s dad returning home after State. There’s gold, surprises, and ice cream, too.

Rating: R—Mentions of physicality/ sexuality.

Part 1 Because he is QB1 now, and the off season doesn’t change that like he thought it would.

Part 2  So ends another day in Dillon, without Coach, without Dad. Matt hopes he’s man enough to keep everything together till they come home.